Denny Zeigler Award

Every year the coaching staff selects a player to receive the Denny Zeigler award. This award was created to honor the late Mr. Zeigler. Denny Zeigler was a long time art teacher and football coach here at Carlisle. He was a beloved man by not only his family, but also to the many friends, colleagues, and players he had. Mr. Zeigler was struck with cancer and passed away in 1999. He left a legacy behind him that is the basis of this award. He was a hard-working man. He put his heart and soul into everything he did and that is what made him so cherished by everyone he was near. He was a man of great character and was always willing to help anyone who needed it. He was a tremendous supporter of Carlisle athletics and even today we can walk through the halls of Carlisle high, and see his pride through some of the murals he painted commemorating many of our  historic achievements. The recipient of this award was chosen because he possesses the same qualities as coach Zeigler.


2015 Season – Tyler Greene – RB/LB – Senior

2014 Season – Jimmy Steele – RB/LB – Senior

2013 Season – Billy Burger – QB/S – Junior

2012 Season – Brendan Almeida – WR/DB – Senior

2011 Season – Cody Failor – QB/S – Senior

2010 Season – Lance Windish – OL/DL – Senior

2009 Season – Damon Nailor – OL/DL – Junior

2008 Season –

2007 Season –

2006 Season –

2005 Season –

2004 Season –

2003 Season –

2002 Season – Brad Nailor – WR/DB – Senior