Letter from the Coach

The 2016 season will be here sooner than we can imagine.  I am excited to take over the reins of the Carlisle Football Program.  My vision for this program is to build upon the success of Coach Oswalt and make the Thundering  Herd a Mid-Penn Commonwealth, District III – 6A, and PA State competitor.  We will do this in every aspect of our lives.  Our program motto is – ‘Think, Act, and Play Like a Champion!’  We will recognize academic achievement and hold players accountable in the classroom so that they are best prepared to create their life’s path.  We will be build community and school support through service projects and leadership development.  Lastly, we will develop a complete athlete on the field, emphasizing speed, quickness, explosiveness, mental toughness, flexibility, and strength.

Carlisle Football is on a path to success.  It is up to all of us within and outside the program to follow this vision and be a part of this development.  It is this new energy and focus that will enable us to accomplish great things for the future of our program.


Go Herd!

Coach Conrad